Sectoral Operational Programme "Increase of Economic Competitiveness"
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Pole of competitiveness to incrare economic productivity through innovative use of virtual reality in order to provide services to critical infrastructure - CREVIS
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Aptus Software

In the two years since its establishment, the company became known on the Romanian ICT market by the quality software solutions and services development, based on a high technical level in all areas of expertise.

The company develops customized software solutions providing a complete package of programs: starting with the product idea, to the software development, outsourcing support and maintenance. The implemented software solutions by the company include: complete warehouse management systems; resources management systems in the educational institutions access control integrated and point of sale services; event management systems; electronic clocking systems access control integrated; Digital Signage electronic display systems. 

APTUS Software standard offer includes: consulting in implementation, project management, system analysis, software customization, customized training, maintenance, customer support services and complementary services, such as IT Outsourcing (provided on a fixed monthly amount, on the basis of a customized agreement according to the specific needs of each client) and SaaS (Software as a Service) within which our company enables its clients to use SaaS software system, based on a monthly fee without any additional investment because the access into the applications is made over the Internet and all the costs of the software development, investment in equipment and infrastructure as well as the maintenance services shall be borne by APTUS software.  

Aptus Software Ltd has a team of senior and junior developers coming from different business environments, specialized in most available technologies, with skills in analysis, development, implementation, support, consulting and ready to carry out any project, from the concept to "go live". The company applies the best practices demonstrated in each top paradigm, standards and methodologies throughout the lifecycle of each specific development and applications (software or web), from the conception to the successful implementation and post-delivery support, ensuring quality services.