Sectoral Operational Programme "Increase of Economic Competitiveness"
"Investing in your future"

Pole of competitiveness to incrare economic productivity through innovative use of virtual reality in order to provide services to critical infrastructure - CREVIS
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

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Research & Development center for virtual reality applied to critical infrastructures

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

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  • Acronym: Investment
  • Applicant: S.C. INSOFT Development&Consulting S.R.L.
  • Contracting Authority: Ministry of European Funds
  • Project type: Operational Sectoral Programme “Increase of Economic Competitiveness 2007-2013” – Priority axis 1 “An innovative and eco-efficient productive system”- Key area of intervention 1.3 “Sustainable development of entrepreneurship” - Operation 1.3.1 “Development of business support structures of national and international interest”
  • Project no.: ID 12P019001 / Cod SMIS – 50432
  • Duration: 2014 - 2015 (20 months)
  • Project total value: 34,363,785.87 lei

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The general objective of the investment project within CREVIS is the increase of economic productivity in the critical infrastructures sector and adjacent services, by creating a Research & Development center that will use innovative virtual and augmented reality techniques, along with monitoring techniques, to ensure the safety and maintenance of the isolated objectives of critical infrastructures in Romania, as well as the assigned operational personnel training,  and intervention in these objectives.

The project overall objective will be accomplished after executing the following activities:

  • Development of innovative activities in a specific IT&C sector, the one of creating a support infrastructure, namely spaces and technique, for research and production of activities implementation and constant operation of the ongoing projects within CREVIS pole of competitiveness;
  • Acquisition of the necessary land and associated building complex for the Functional Center of the Pole, that will cover research & development areas for the ongoing projects, production areas, personnel training areas, conference rooms for personnel training and dissemination of the Pole research activities;
  • Constitution of a technical material base, as a support for techniques of security and monitoring trainings implementation, in an immersion virtual reality system supplemented with elements of augmented reality, so as to provide an appropriate environment to obtain a continuum of research and operating system, designed for the staff training and critical infrastructure monitoring;
  • Endowment of the Pole Functional Center, with the central equipment for immersive virtual reality, for applications of trainings in critical infrastructures, without security risks of structures, people, ICT equipment dedicated to the virtual reality or general purpose equipment;
  • Carrying out of activities for an open source ERP (enterprise resource planning) internal configuration, meant for the resources management, assigned to the investment project and know-how transfer to the applicant for the adequate usage of the cube and the necessary software for creating 3D content.

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During the 20 months of the project implementation, the following activities will be undertaken

  • Project management activities  
  • Informing and advertising of the project
  • Investment in tangible assets
    • Activities of land acquisition required by the investment project carrying out;
    • Activities of buildings construction and related dependencies that CREVIS pole should use for  services, products and technologies development;
    • Activities of equipment, machinery, installations, IT systems, devices, tools, appliances acquisition and connection to broadband networks (internet);
    • Acquisition of furniture, office automation, protection equipment;
  • Investment in intangible assets
    • Activities of intangible assets acquisition for quality management systems implementation;
    • Activities of  technologies (know-how), patents, licenses or unpatented technical knowledge acquisition;
    • Activities of software and informatics programs acquisition;
  • Activities of financial audit