Sectoral Operational Programme "Increase of Economic Competitiveness"
"Investing in your future"

Pole of competitiveness to incrare economic productivity through innovative use of virtual reality in order to provide services to critical infrastructure - CREVIS
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

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Information, advertising and dissemination integrated project for CREVIS Pole

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

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  • Acronym: SOFT2
  • Applicant: S.C. 360 REVOLUTION S.R.L.
  • Contracting Authority: Ministry of European Funds 
  • Project type: Operational Sectoral Programme “Increase of Economic Competitiveness” (SOP IEC) 2007-2013” – Priority axis 1 “An innovative and eco-efficient production system”- Key area of intervention 1.3 “Sustainable development of entrepreneurship” - Operation 1.3.1 „ Development of business support structures of national and international interest”

  • Project no: ID 12P019007 / SMIS 50246

  • Duration: 2014 - 2015 (20 months)

  • Project co-financed by: the European Regional Development Fund

  • Project total value: 849.837,65 lei

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The project overall objective is to ensure the visibility of the Research and Development Centre, promotion and dissemination of the project implementation results within the pole of competitiveness – CREVIS. In order to accomplish this mission, the applicant provides promotional materials, creates a website, media appearances, and participates in trade fairs, conferences, symposia, including building the Pole’s brand identity.

The project overall objective is consistent with the main objective of the Priority Axis 1 "An innovative and eco-efficient production system", key area of intervention 3 “Sustainable development of entrepreneurship”, Operation 1 „Development of business support structures of national and international interest”. This approach allows the applicant to provide adequate visibility and promotion of the objectives and results, in accordance with the financing agreement, but also to enter the domestic and European countries market profile. This initiative helps to conquer and strengthen an important position on the specialized market.

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Over the 20 months of the project implementation, the planned activities to be performed are the following

  • Consultancy on market research studies, marketing plans, sales promotion, promotion of partnerships and increasing customer base;
  • Exhibition stands displaying and management, production and dissemination of promotional materials, establishing new business contacts over the participation in fairs;
  • Participation in meetings, fairs, conferences, symposia in the country and in Europe;
  • Activities referring to the optimization of the projects and development strategies implementation, at the level of competitiveness poles such as: communication, image (branding) building at a national and European level, projects and results dissemination, strengthening of the cooperation with domestic and European partners;
  • Marketing activities of the implemented project results by the competitiveness poles.